Being you

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of, who do the things no one can imagine.” -Alan Turing

Life is hard. People can suck, words can hurt and life as we know it can change in an instant as a result.

I don’t mean to get into a deep ‘life meaning’ discussion but I want you to know that you are not alone. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been put down and I’ve even been told that I am nothing. But I want you to know I have persevered; I am still here and I like to think I am a better person for all of life’s hardships.

So why am I telling the world this? Because when life is down it seems nobody is there for you. I want you to know that is not true. If you are reading this, I want you to know I will always be here for you as I hope you will be there for me.

But most importantly, this is normal. If you are different, which I hope you are, there is no doubt that life has been hard. People don’t like “different” and they expect everyone to fit into a box or machine and when we don’t, people can be rude and mean.

Which brings me to the quote at the beginning of this post. If you haven’t already, check out The Imitation Game. The film touches on the life and work of Alan Turing and a team of British cryptanalysts during WWII. Is the movie completely accurate to Turing’s life? It’s a movie, so of course not. But there are some great life lessons to take away from this film and I don’t think you will be disappointed with this one (plus, it’s an amazing story 🙂 ).

Just remember, you are unique and that’s a great thing. Those who do and think differently, as Turing said, do the things no one can imagine.

So give those haters a reason to sit down and shut up. But most importantly; never change who you are because you are beautiful. Now go do the amazing things you were born to do!


Emergency Management Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London have been quite a ride – keeping millions of viewers, including myself, from all over the world intrigued for 17 days. You may be wondering, ‘What does emergency management have to do with the Olympics?’

2012 London Olympics

Emergency managers, like Olympians, have pride, passion and dreams. However, without the proper training neither would be in the position they are in. Each require hard work and dedication in their training and to rise above the expectations expected of them.

Every day when I wake up I ask myself, “How can I make a difference?” Like many of the Olympians we have seen the past few weeks we cannot simply ask a question, we must show action and with enthusiasm. We cannot do it all on our own either, the emergency management community must rise together as a nation does at the Olympics. For we are only as strong as our weakest link.