Hurricane Sandy “Frankenstorm”

I wanted to write a post to address those effected by Hurricane Sandy. My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with those effected and I hope the recovery efforts and the rebuild of the damaged communities goes well.

No disaster is pleasant and Hurricane Sandy has definitely left its mark on parts the east coast with over 8 million without power, at least 35 confirmed fatalities and subway systems shut down for what appears to be the remainder of the week.

New York City in the dark
The New York City subway flooding from Sandy is the “worst in the 108 year history of the system”

As Sandy approached shore on Tuesday, the cloud shield stretched from the Hudson Bay south to the Gulf Coast states.

Hurricane Sandy Storm Scope
Hurricane Sandy Storm Size Marker

Let us not forget West Virginia where snowfall accumulations reached nearly two feet.

West Virginia Snowfall Accumulations
Photographer: Beau Dodson,


I-35W Bridge Collapse Anniversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the devastating I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota that took 13 lives and injured 145 others. It was 6:05pm on Wednesday August 1, 2007 during the peak of rush hour when the bridge gave way and took nearly 100 vehicles stopped in traffic with it into the Mississippi River.

The incident was one of the worst man-made Minnesota has ever seen and while we reflect on those effected by the collapse we can certainly say we are more prepared than we were in 2007. Bridges are examined much closer than they were prior to the collapse and given more funding to repair and even replace the most critical of structures.

State and county engineers say the I-35W disaster raised awareness of bridge safety, tightened inspection and reporting requirements and made it easier to get state and federal money to repair or replace aging bridges.

I-35W Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 1, 2007