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FOSS4G 2017 Recap


A few weeks ago, 1,141 amazing people attended the 2017 FOSS4G conference in Boston representing 48 countries and 45 U.S. states (Side note: Minnesota was ranked 11th in U.S. states with 20 attendees)!

This was my first FOSS4G conference and one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. There were so many great talks in Boston – so much expertise, countless outstanding projects, and all-around amazing work in the community. It was incredible to hear the great work happening throughout the community and learn tidbits from folks. Everyone was open to sharing their work, successes, and struggles which made the conference so fantastic.

It’s impossible to fully sum the conference, so definitely check out the blog posts, slides, and videos on the FOSS4G post-conference page. I’ve also compiled comprehensive notes from the talks I attended at JS.Geo and FOSS4G.

Boston is an expensive city to visit, and FOSS4G is certainly not a cheap conference. In fact, it’s the most expensive registration for a conference I’ve attended to-date. But it was worth every penny to attend.

Speaking of pennies, I tracked every penny spent to keep expenses down with the hopes to share with others looking to attend future conferences at a lower cost. Ultimately, the final price tag was $1,455.11 including:

Planning tips:

Priceless experiences (in no particular order):

  1. Boston sunsets are seriously beautiful; every evening was a treat!
Boston harbor sunset
Sunset over downtown Boston
Sunset in South Boston
  1. Watching the U.S.S. Constitution shoot off a cannon during sunset.
U.S.S. Constitution shooting off a cannon at sunset
  1. Walking the Freedom Trail from the Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument.
Freedom trail emblem
Make Way for Ducklings Statue
Paul Revere Monument and Old North Church
Bunker Hill Monument
  1. Attending my first JS.Geo conference which included: the latest projects Vlad is working on, learning the difference between 2.5D and 3D, seeing Hanbyul’s amazing 3D geographic models, wise words of wisdom from Andy Woodruff, and much more!


  1. Attending my first FOSS4G conference. The keynotes, sessions, speakers, attendees, events, and organizers were fabulous and made for a spectacular conference.


  1. Seeing so many amazing new and old friends, including those visiting outside of the conference and local Boston friends able to meet up! It’s impossible to name you all, but it was priceless to meet, hang out, and enjoy Boston with you.


  1. Coloring a map on a t-shirt. I mean, this was the most ingenious thing.
BoundlessGeo T-shirt Coloring
  1. Making new friends at the Thursday night Gala event at the New England Aquarium.
Penguins at the New England Aquarium
Having a brew with a lobster at the New England Aquarium
Touching cownose rays at the New England Aquarium
  1. Maptime MSP and Maptime Boston celebrating Thursday #Geobeers.
Thursday #Geobeers with Andy Woodruff
  1. Watching the Red Sox come from behind against the Yankees on a beautiful summer evening at Fenway.
Red Sox vs Yankees at Fenway Park