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100 Lessons Challenge


One hundred and one days ago I embarked on a journey to learn something new each day, and share it with the world (check out my blog post from November).

First off, this challenge was so hard. There were so many things I learned, and this amazing experience made me realize how much I was learning each day 🙂

But, I wouldn’t always ship out the things I learned with the world. Sometimes I’d think, Nobody would care about this, or this isn’t good enough to share (I eventually got over these ridiculous thoughts).

Other days, I wanted to keep things to myself, was reviewing an awesome cartography book, QGIS Map Design (Side note: highly recommended once it’s available for purchase!), or wanted to keep tidbits within my circle of family, friends, and colleagues. And sometimes it didn’t make sense to share. I mean, do you really want to hear about my ridiculous geckos?

Some of my favorite lessons throughout my journey include:

While my #100Lessons journey is now complete, I have no plans to stop learning, or to stop sharing some cool things I’ve learned along the way… 😉