2015 Accomplishments

It feels like 2015 just started, and we were talking about how accurate the Back to the Future series was with present day. Alas, 2016 is here, and so begins another year!

To cap off 2015 I wanted to focus on some of my accomplishments. Originally I set a top three list, but three wasn’t nearly enough, so here’s my top 15 accomplishments from 2015. Enjoy!

  1. Re-upped my blog, and actually putting some posts out there. More importantly, willing to be vulnerable in the posts.
  1. Released a new version of interactive maps at work. From buy-in of stakeholders, which could be an accomplishment in itself, to adding in enhancements.
  1. Worked with, and watched a visually impaired person interact with an application I built. This experience was eye opening, and helped shape my application to be both accessible, and usable by all audiences.
  1. I failed. It was horrible, and then it was awesome. I learned so much about myself when I failed, and had an incredibly supportive group of family, friends, and colleagues that helped bring me up.
  1. Attended, and helped co-organize MaptimeMSP, and met so many amazing people along the way. This accomplishment could have an additional ten attached to it. ❤
  1. Toured the last frontier. Alaska is one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen. I learned so much about myself, and my husband on our ten-day excursion. It’s a trip neither of us will forget.
  1. Learned Git. If anyone would have told me a year ago that I would be using GitHub on the command line, I’d think you were crazy. I understand structure, and processes so much more as a result.
  1. Completed a rollerblading half marathon in Saint Paul for the second straight year, and for the third time. For the third straight time participating I set a new personal best.
  1. Attended my first developer conference focused on JavaScript.
  1. Made my work web applications touch and click compatible across desktop and mobile devices.
  1. Created two interactive maps for my local GIS community’s annual conference.
  1. Met Jack Dangermond, and it was amazing.
  1. Attended my first NACIS conference, and meeting so many incredible people able to join us in Minneapolis. The NACIS community is one of the most supportive, and friendly communities.
  1. Went on an impromptu road trip with my husband. This one confused even our family, since we never do this. It was an amazing weekend, after an incredibly difficult work week for both of us.
  1. Wrote my first python script. By far the most powerful language I’ve played with yet.

Here’s to 2016, and what’s to come! 😉


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