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The most important takeaway I have learned, in my short time, in a development role is this: Code now; ask questions later.

For those that are now even more confused then you were a few seconds ago, know this: I, too ask a lot of questions. But coding is the act of doing, you will learn much more if you act by doing one line of code at a time (after all, practice makes perfect).

Sure you will encounter roadblocks, you will want to give up, and maybe even want to throw your computer out a window but the struggle makes the journey.

A good friend of mine recently traveled to Peru and hiked the Camina Inca (Inca Trail) to the beautiful Machu Picchu. Most of the stories from her trip were about day two of the hike aka the “day from hell”, as she described it. Day two included a nearly four mile uphill hike that included an almost 4,000 foot elevation change (yikes).


The reason I bring this up is while those numbers seem flat out insane, the ultimate goal of day two en route to Machu Picchu is the same as the journey of coding. Never stop; keep one foot in front of the other and one day you will turn around and see you have climbed a mountain. When you arrive at the top, you will see the journey that lead you there and the one that lies before you. Plus, you’ll have some amazing stories to tell!

But as with everything else, good things happen to those who are willing to learn at their own pace. Learning how to code takes time, and no journey is the same, so try to be patient along the way. Just because it seems like you are sitting at a computer struggling doesn’t mean someone else with the same skillset isn’t doing the very same thing you are.

Most importantly, remember this: The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried.


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