Lions, Tigers + Bears – Oh My!

My unofficial Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my!) – aka Maptime, Github and Twitter – list based on an e-mail sent to a colleague interested in the GIS development and open source communities. Enjoy, all! 😛

  1. Lions (Maptime – MSP Chapter) –

Meetings are generally once a month on weeknights for two hours. I usually grab some #geobeers with good folk before and after. Good stuff; ranging from introductory to advanced topics throughout the event. Your spouse and/or kids could definitely come, too if they have interest in cool maps/cartography/geogeek stuff. 🙂


  1. Tigers (Github) –

For now just sign up and you can follow me if you want to see the ridiculousness that I do (forewarning – it’ll probably be obnoxious). Don’t worry about logistics on this yet, the biggest thing is to get on here and watch what people are doing, check out some cool things and other ridiculously fun things. Don’t worry about posting code if you aren’t comfortable, we’ll get there together.

  1. Bears (Twitter)

Sign up!!! And follow some cool and knowledgeable people/groups such as:

  1. Mapbox @mapbox,
  2. NACIS @nacis (Cartography-based conference in Mpls this Oct),
  3. Gretchen Peterson @petersonGIS (Cartography genius),
  4. Visual Idiot @idiot (this one is for fun more than anything),
  5. LeafletJS @leafletJS,
  6. CodeNewbies @codenewbies (they also have a Twitter chat every Wed. night – HIGHLY recommended),
  7. Lyzi Diamond @lyzidiamond (a cool geo-dev/geogeek),
  8. Maptime MSP @maptimeMSP, and
  9. MN GIS/LIS @mngislis

Also, this week in particular is HUGE – two amazing conferences are happening the Esri Developer Summit and FOSS4GNA. So follow the following hashtags (I’ve been keeping these browser windows open all day and refresh when a few come in) – #foss4gna and #DevSummit.


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